Brand: Shandy
Description: Beer (50%) and lemonade (50%)
Ingredients: 50% beer (water, barley malt, hop extract), 50% lemonade (water, sugar, carbon dioxide, citric acid, natural lemon flavouring and other natural flavourings)
Colour: bright, light yellow
Alcohol: 2.5 % vol.
Gravity: 11.2° Plato
Bitter units: 9

+49 (0) 9082 708-0

Can 330 ml

Can 500ml

Keg 30l

Keg 50l

Shrink Pack4x500ml Can
6x500ml Can
8x500ml Can

Full carton24x330ml Can
6x500ml Can
18x500ml Can
24x500ml Can

Carton tray18x330ml Can
24x330ml Can
18x500ml Can
24x500ml Can
4x6 (shrink pack) 500ml Can

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